The best productivity advice - 7 books and years of research

There’s a lot of productivity advice out there...

I’ve found it challenging to find which exact advice is effective for digital natives, as we live in a pretty weird world.

After a few years of deep research and experimentation while building a new type of productivity app I think I’ve compiled all the best advice out there and hope it can provide other people clarity too.

So here it is:

  1. Focus on the most important things and assign blocks of time to them in your calendar. (Deep Work)
  2. Constant distraction is destroying our cognitive capacity, so limit it as much as possible. Schedule in time to access distracting things like social media. (Deep Work)
  3. Take a mini dopamine detox / break from your phone every morning to avoid setting a high dopamine baseline for the rest of the day. (Dopamine Nation)
  4. Start thoroughly enjoying your work and producing better work by finding flow. Flow happens when your skill perfectly matches the difficulty of the task at hand (Flow)
  5. Start very small with habits and they will be easy and rewarding (Atomic Habits + Tiny Habits)
  6. Become more resilient to distractions originating in your own head by analysing the emotions (usually negative, such as boredom) that precede them and beware of them. When bored try to ‘surf the urge’ of acting on a distraction by writing it down and coming back to it in a few minutes. (Indistractable)
  7. When all else fails find an accountability buddy and write a pact that will make failure painful. (Indistractable)

Also keep in mind we live in a crazily distracting world where sometimes even these strategies aren’t enough. So always be kind to yourself.

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July 5, 2022
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