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Social media
is the best thing at stealing our attention
with a twist
that makes it the best thing to help us get it back
the infamous power of social media
+ science-backed strategies for focus
= antidote to the attention economy world

You could easily halve the time you lose

scrolling through Instagram

compulsively checking emails

doomscrolling the news


Put an extra




mins of focus every day into

work on your side project

learning a new skill

building a business


Get work done faster
Without distractions you spend more time in deep focus.
More time well spent
Taps into your existing phone habits and turns them around.
Awareness and control
Nudges you to be more mindful of how persuasive your tech can be.
>93% ๐Ÿง 
of time spent in Rocket
timers is distraction free
100000+ ๐ŸŽฏ
minutes of focus
achieved with Rocket
of CO2 we offset
every hour you focus

Willpower-based productivity tools donโ€™t cut it anymore.

There will always be something more stimulating than work and always a distraction to steal your attention.
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