What can you get done in 5 minutes?

A mathematical lesson about consistency and persistence…

5 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot does it?

Let’s say you have a goal like reading, learning something, working on a side project, etc. If you were to focus on this goal for just 5 minutes per workday for an entire year it would add up to at least…

5 (minutes) x 5 (# of workdays in a week) x 46 (# of weeks in a year, assuming 6 weeks off)

= 1150 minutes

Let’s get some perspective on this number…

It’s less than 2.5 sleeps (assuming you sleep for 8 hours)…

However, if you were to use this time more deliberately towards something that you don’t typically spend much time on, things start to change.

Focus is difficult to attain and incredibly valuable, as 4 hours per day is roughly our upper limit on how much our brains can handle (that doesn’t mean we’re all pushing).

So if we’re being generous…

1150 (minutes from before) / 4 (upper limit of focus) / 5 (# of workdays in a week) / 60 (number of minutes in an hour)

= 1 week of super focus

Pretty remarkable how such a minuscule daily commitment can add up…

Behavioural psychology is on 5’s side too

The best way to start and successfully keep up a habit is by making the behaviour you want to do easier. By setting the bar really low you can reliably tick it off the to-do list and feel more intrinsically motivated. This drastically increases your chance of your success.

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February 8, 2022

Source — I have a bachelor of mathematics. This is pretty basic high school maths but at least I can be pretty confident that I’m right.

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