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Based in Sydney, Australia
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Rocket, the Social Media for Focus, Just Launched on Indiegogo

Sydney, Australia – 23 November 2021: Rocket announces the launch of their Indiegogo campaign to help young high-output individuals with an innovative way of avoiding distractions and getting a bit more focus out of a day. In a world where one can’t escape Big Tech and the attention economy, Rocket signifies a revolutionary power transfer– giving its users the powerful tool that is Social Media to help them protect and control their own attention.

The average person picks up their phone 150 times per day, or once every 6.5 minutes - a distraction crisis leaving them unable to focus, stressed and even causing memory loss.*

The simple explanation for this is that our 200,000-year-old brains have not evolved to handle the vast amounts of information and context switching that are experienced in the modern world.

Big Tech has taken the opportunity to exploit that vulnerability, as Tristan Harris says in The Social Dilemma “There are entire teams of engineers whose job is to use your psychology against you.”

Shouldn’t we be using the most powerful psychological tool ever (social media), to enrich our lives rather than distract us?

Rocket emerges as an antidote to the attention economy - the first social media designed to help you focus. This app has the potential to initiate a revolutionary power transfer that gives everyday people control of one of the most powerful psychological tools ever – social media.

It’s still early days but Rocket has already proven to be simple and effective at converting phones into a source of focus rather than being a constant source of distraction; Rocket’s network has collectively focused for 75,000 minutes on the app so far.

There’s a lot of careful design behind Rocket, but the big twist is that their posts are locked until after you have completed a short timer of focused work.

On Tuesday (or Monday in other parts of the world) Rocket launched their Indiegogo campaign to gather support for their app so they can speed up their rollout to the digital natives who urgently need a solution.

Cameron Bogatez, the creator of Rocket says, “I never imagined that one day I would build a social media”, but this all changed thanks to a profound realisation, “We can’t wait around for Big Tech to grow a conscience. It is an absolute necessity to start building products and movements right now that do something about our attention crisis. With Rocket we can play a part in helping customers individually and at a larger scale build more demand for technology that treats our attention with respect.”

To get this off the ground they need your help. If you’re ready to take back control of your attention and like what they're doing, you should support their Indiegogo campaign here. The perks they are offering to backers are heavily discounted for a limited time, starting from just AUD$20 (USD$15) for 6 months of Rocket. They also have some other fun perks like ‘F**king Genius’ Sticky Notes and an organic cotton ‘Focused’ T-Shirt.

This unique opportunity will only last until December 18.

*Qualtrics, Millennials and Technology at Home + Center for Humane Technology, Ledger of Harms

Link to the Indiegogo campaign:

For more information please visit the Indiegogo page here or contact the creator with the details below.


Cameron Bogatez
Founder, Fast As A Rocket
[email protected]

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Key highlights

Early stage startup with some promising signs and early impact

Out of the time spent on Rocket so far, more than 93% of it has resulted in focused work
We're still in our testing phase and have already offset 1 tonne of CO2

Founder Story

At 14 years old, Cameron founded an indie game company. It failed.

Despite being really motivated to succeed, there were too many distractions around.

Likewise, at uni, he couldn’t seem to find attention for his assignments until the last minute, preferring to browse the internet and work on more interesting side projects. Being ambitious, he knew that if he wanted to do meaningful things with his life, he couldn’t keep doing this - he would have to solve his procrastination and distraction problem first.

Despite the toll his tech was taking on his focus, it became clear to him that digital natives like himself would only use tech more and more over time. So he saw a massive need to start building a technology solution that protects our attention instead of exploiting it.

After years spent researching the science of better focus, he created a framework for achieving good focus and distilled these principles down into a simple app called Rocket.

It took a few pivots to realise that the ultimate tool for better focus must make use of the powerful psychological tool that is social media. Cameron simply believed that just as traditional social media is designed to maximise time spent in the app, you can use similar design and psychology principles to maximise time spent away from our technology and doing what we want to do. The first Social Focus Platform was born.


Cameron Bogatez launched and failed a company at 14, so he knows a little about what not to do. He's also a self-confessed master procrastinator, so he's not just a Mathematician and Business Economist, but also an experienced UX and Behavioural Designer.

Always a problem solver, he is currently on a mission to help other young people to turn their tech distraction into traction with Rocket, a new ethical social media. Inspired by this project he is actively learning about how we can solve other key global issues through his podcast Good Solutionism.

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