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It's no secret that tech has become a major part of our lives. At Rocket we believe we should all be able to control the persuasive technology sitting in our pockets. Rocket is a completely new social media that helps you focus, not distract you.
Based in Sydney, Australia
Fun Facts

Just starting our journey, and we're already seeing promising signs

Out of the time spent on Rocket so far, more than 85% of it has resulted in focused work
We're still just testing and have already offset 0.5 tonne of CO2

Founder Story

At 14 years old, Cameron founded an indie game company. It failed. Despite being really motivated, a lack of focus meant he just didn't get enough done.

In Cameron's words, he was "just really distracted". At uni, he couldn’t seem to find attention for his assignments until the last minute, preferring to browse the internet and work on more interesting side projects. Being ambitious, he knew that if he wanted to do meaningful things with his life, he couldn’t keep doing this - he would have to solve his procrastination and distraction problem first.

Attention is our one true scarce resource and yet we’re giving it away for free.

Despite the toll his tech was taking on his focus, it became clear to him that digital natives like himself would only use tech more and more over time. So he saw a massive need to start building tech that protects our attention instead of exploiting it.

After years spent researching the science of better focus, into a simple app he distilled the best strategies that produce consistent focus.

The first version of Rocket wasn't enough. He realised he still found himself on social media for hours every day. So it begged the question - what if we could use this same technology to help us focus on what we want as easily as scrolling through social media? The first Social Focus Platform was born.


Cameron Bogatez is the founder of Rocket, a Social Focus Platform. He launched and failed a company at 14, which taught him what not to do. A self-confessed master procrastinator, whilst at uni, he always left boring assignments to the last minute and used his time for side projects instead. That's why he's not just a Mathematician and Business Economist, but also an experienced UX and Behavioural Designer. Now he's on a mission to help us get back control of our tech - specifically the control it has over our attention.

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